Newcastle Theatre Royal – Emergency Lighting

In a return to the iconic Newcastle Theatre Royal, Push The Button (PTB) embarked on a follow-up project in 2024, building on their previous successful house lighting replacement project in 2019.

Situated in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, the Theatre Royal holds Grade I listed status and stands as a testament to Richard Grainger’s grand design for the centre of Newcastle. Opening its doors on 20 February 1837, the theatre continues to be a cultural hub, accommodating up to 1249 audience members and showcasing approximately 30 visiting productions annually, spanning ballet, contemporary dance, drama, musicals, and opera.

Commissioned to conduct a comprehensive review of emergency exit signage and lighting within the auditorium, Push The Button conducted a meticulous site survey. Their assessment revealed a need to enhance the existing signage with replica fittings which were manufactured by Great British Lighting. As a result, the project’s primary focus became clear: introducing LED lamps with theatrical dimming capabilities to the existing fourteen signs and installing eight new illuminated signage units in key locations as required.

To do this Push The Button used internally designed custom LED modules which were retrofitted to the existing signs and fitted to the new signs, control was via ETC ArcSystem Drivers.

The theatre’s busy schedule offered only a brief period of darkness, allowing a limited installation window. To maximise efficiency, Push The Button conducted preparatory works during the preceding nights leading up to the installation slot.

The result of this collaborative effort is an up-to-date system delivering fully dimmable exit signs, meticulously engineered to meet stringent emergency lighting regulations. Push The Button delivered the project on schedule and within budget, ensuring the safety and comfort of Theatre Royal patrons for years to come.