Birmingham Hippodrome’s The Circle Lounge – Architectural Lighting

Birmingham Hippodrome Circle Restaurant

Birmingham Hippodrome has a longstanding partnership with Push The Button (PTB), and they’ve recently completed a project to revamp the lighting, data, and audio systems in their Circle Restaurant. In the past, PTB has worked with the venue on various upgrades, from LED auditorium lighting to foyer lighting, digital signage, and production lighting, all aimed at enhancing the visitor experience.

The Circle Lounge is a fresh addition to the theatre, opening its doors 90 minutes before each performance. It provides a convenient spot for patrons to enjoy a meal with friends and family just steps away from their seats in the auditorium. To match this innovative concept, PTB brought in modern lighting solutions.

The first step involved replacing an outdated mains distribution board that served the space, creating a solid foundation for the new lighting setup.

PTB introduced an architectural lighting system that seamlessly integrated with the existing ETC Paradigm system throughout the building. This system featured controllable LED fixtures spread across the restaurant, including in bathrooms, lobbies, and even around entrance signs, menu boards, banquet seating, waiter’s stations, display cabinets, and bars. All these fixtures are connected to the Paradigm system, enabling dimming and preset lighting scenes that can be easily triggered as needed. PTB also added new emergency lighting throughout the area.

To further enhance the visitor experience, the restaurant now boasts strategically placed power outlets with USB ports for convenient phone charging.

PTB’s skilled engineers were also responsible for installing data connectivity in the space. This included setting up infrastructure for electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) systems, credit card terminals, wireless access points, and general data needs.

Creating the right ambiance was crucial, so an audio system upgrade was in order. The team enhanced the existing PAVA system and introduced a new background music system powered by D&B technology equipment, matching with the existing front-of-house systems. This setup allows for music to be played and managed either locally or through the centralised control system.

In the end, Push The Button delivered the project on schedule and within budget. Birmingham Hippodrome’s Circle Restaurant now boasts a modern and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the overall theatre experience for its patrons.