Leicester Curve Theatre – Architectural Lighting

Leicester Curve Theatre

Push The Button (PTB) has recently wrapped up an impressive lighting control system installation at the Leicester Curve theatre. This new setup, based on the ETC Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP), manages the lighting across the entire venue, including working lights, house lights, and general building lighting.

The Leicester Curve houses two venues, a 970-seat theatre space along with a 350-seat Studio Theatre. The theatre opened its doors on November 11th, 2008, equipped with a working light system that was now in need of an upgrade. PTB were invited to tender, winning the contract for this significant project.

The original working lights at the Leicester Curve relied on an ETC Unison system. As the time had come for this system to retire, it made perfect sense to replace it with an ETC Paradigm architectural control processor. PTB took charge of decommissioning the old Unison equipment, making way for the new P-ACP processor and central server. In addition, they removed a pre-existing Paradigm system that had been installed in the Studio, as the central system would now handle lighting control for the foyer, both venues, and the general building areas.

The initial setup featured panels of analogue contact closure buttons, wired to interfaces connected to the ETC Unison system. To ensure a seamless transition and maintain both the appearance and functionality of the system, PTB installed new interfaces behind the button panels. These were then connected to the freshly installed Paradigm system in the dimmer room, alongside a central server.

PTB expanded control capabilities by adding a large custom panel featuring an 18.5-inch touch screen downstage left in the main theatre. Additionally, two more touch screens were integrated into the control rooms for the main house and the studio theatre, with a third placed upstage right in the studio theatre. All four touch screens now utilise repurposed Cat5 infrastructure from the original installation. The fire control room/reception area also received a new 10-button station.

Executing a project of this magnitude is no small feat. PTB’s team meticulously coordinated with the theatre’s schedule for several months to ensure zero disruption to the venue. Thanks to careful planning and expert execution, the installation was not only completed on time but also stayed within budget, ensuring the Leicester Curve Theatre now boasts a state-of-the-art lighting control system.