ABBA Arena – Working Light Control

ABBA Arena Working Light Control

Push The Button lent their technical expertise to one of the entertainment industry’s most ground-breaking projects of recent years – the ABBA Voyage Arena.

The ABBA Voyage Arena, located in East London’s Queen Elizabeth Park, is a custom-built venue designed to allow viewers to experience ABBA in their prime. It makes use of digital avatars and cutting-edge stage technology to provide a unique concert experience.

Push The Button were approached by Nick Jones of Power Logistics to be involved in the project, assisting with the design, installation, programming and commissioning of the venue’s lighting control system. 

Push The Button designed a solution using the ETC Paradigm which provided multiple button panels throughout the space to recall preset states, and touchscreens in key locations to allow for detail control. Due to the size of the building, a fibre network also had to be put in place to ensure cable runs were kept within manufacturers recommended 100m requirements.

The performance team, headed up by Wonderworks, were keen to push the boundaries at every stage of the show. The most ambitious part of the programming saw Push The Button interface with the building management system, in order to control the fans and air conditioning throughout the arena. This then allowed a haze effect to hang in the air during one of the performance’s scenes.

It was a pleasure to be involved in such a unique project, and one in which Push The Button exceeded expectations every step of the way.