Alexandra Theatre – LED House Lighting

Auditorium of Birmingham Alexandra Theatre following LED house light upgrade

The Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham had an LED lighting installation that was not fit for purpose. The venue, which was constructed in 1901 and underwent an Art Deco renovation in the mid-1930s, contained some key period architectural features which had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The original installation, which used 100W lamps were retrofitted with LED following the phase out of halogen sources. This resulted in a less desirable quality and output of light.

Push The Button were selected to carry out the works and replaced all LED lamps with ETC ArcLamps, with the addition of ETC ArcSystem 1 Cell Pro Downlighters to increase the overall light levels in the venue. The installation also saw the first use of the ETC ArcSystem 1 Cell High Output fixtures in a UK Theatre.

The chandelier in the centre of the theatre had also fallen into disrepair, Push the Button enlisted specialist Dernier & Hamlyn, which has since ceased trading, to restore the chandelier to its former glory.

There was also period coving at the rear of the Stalls which was no longer illuminated so Push The Button installed LED strip which was custom engineered onsite to fit the curves of the architectural detail and to restore the period feature.

The Alexandra Theatre has had its interior revitalised while maintaining the integrity of the original design.