Apollo Victoria – House Lighting Upgrades

House Lighting Upgrades

The Apollo Victoria House Lighting system was in need of updating as the luminaries providing the majority of emergency lighting over the stalls and circle, known as the “Drum” lights, were in a state of disrepair. The other fixtures were all still using incandescent lighting. Push The Button were asked to design a solution that re-instated the Drum lights and also to retrofit the rest of the lighting to LED as part of the works.

For the “Drum” lights Push The Button worked with GDS to design a bespoke high output single LED source fitting which could be retrofitted into the existing housing. These lights created a single light source within the “Drum” fittings which was perfectly colour matched to the original tungsten light source. The rest of the fittings were retrofitted with GDS ArcLamps and respective drivers.

With the Apollo Victoria having the long running production of “Wicked” the team worked around the performance schedule to achieve the installation, commissioning and programming of the house lighting system without any interruption to the performance or rehearsal schedule.