Fortune Theatre – Technical Upgrades

Fortune Theatre

The Fortune Theatre, located in London’s West End and operated by ATG, had been the longstanding home of The Woman In Black since 1989. Throughout its extensive run, the theatre had maintained the necessary technology and equipment for the show. However, this left them somewhat outdated when it was time for their new resident production, Operation Mincemeat, to take the stage.

For Operation Mincemeat, significant upgrades were necessary for the production systems. Given the tight schedule of just three weeks between the conclusion of The Woman In Black and the start of the new show, this posed a considerable challenge.

Push The Button was tasked with upgrading the show relay system with a new camera connected to various monitors throughout the backstage area and latecomers feeds front of house. In conjunction with these expanded connectivity improvements, Push The Button also strategically added more data points throughout the venue where needed connected to a newly installed equipment rack which is located sub-stage.

The lighting control room, previously positioned down stage left, needed to be relocated to accommodate the wing space required for Operation Mincemeat. Push The Button worked to modify the containment and relocate essential services to enable the control room to be moved and up the wing space. The electrical system also saw major works to increase capacity to the front of house locations and add provision for hard power to support the show’s intelligent and LED fixtures. The working lights were also upgraded with the installation of LED linear working lights. These new lights replaced the existing fluorescent tubes, offering ample illumination.

The project was completed during an exceptionally brief closure period, thanks to the hard work and meticulous planning put in by the team, ensuring that the theatre was fully prepared for the debut of Operation Mincemeat.