Leeds Grand Theatre – Production Lighting Upgrades

Production Lighting Upgrades

Leeds Grand Theatre had ageing production lighting facilities and were looking for additional dimming circuits and an upgrade to the facilities panels in the field.

Push The Button tendered and won the contract to carry out the aforementioned works. During their initial assessment of the works to be carried out, Push The Button identified the existing Dimmer Room, located in the basement level as an operational issue for the venue. Working with Chief Electrician, Dave Greaves, Push The Button sited a new location at fly floor level and proposed a solution on the basis of moving the Dimmer Room to that location. This unique approach of Push The Button’s saw them tender two options, the second of which saw Push The Button relocate the Dimmer Room and deliver the solution the venue were looking for.

The Push The Button team sympathetically installed the new Facility Panels and Dimmers, the later of which were colour co-ordinated with the existing Sensor Dimmers. The relocation of the Dimmer Room also meant the Push The Button team could work in the new Dimmer Room, around the venues schedule without impacting it whilst making a major change to the venues infrastructure. 

The finished result has allowed the venue to have the distributed facilities they require to cater for the foreseeable future.