Liverpool Empire Theatre – Working Light

Exterior of The Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Push The Button continued work at the Liverpool Empire, a 2,350 capacity theatre which opened in 1925, to upgrade the venue’s working lights.

The team were familiar with the venue, having previously worked on its paging system and stage management console upgrades. They returned to the Empire in order to upgrade a number of working fixtures to LED. These were in the roof space, the grid and on the fly floors, as well as in the electric gallery and over the stage.

A mixture of four and five-foot white fluorescent tubes were replaced with LED versions, while ETC BlueSystem Dome fittings replaced the bulkheads around the walls.

The new fixtures removed several dark spots, making working conditions much safer for venue staff, particularly inside the roof space.

The new fixtures were retrofitted onto existing circuits so they operated on the same control as the existing fixtures. This ensured a seamless transition to the new lights offering all of the benefits with the minimum possible expenditure.