Liverpool Philharmonic Hall – Auditorium Lighting

Liverpool Philarmonic Auditorium

Following on from the installation of new ETC ColorSource Dimmers and essential works to the production infrastructure carried out in 2021, Push The Button were asked to look at the failing linear LED lighting and downlighting in the Auditorium.

The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall contains nine architectural coves which stretch from the front to the back of the auditorium, running up the walls and across the ceiling. Each of these coves contained light fixtures which had begun to fail, as a third-party LED installation in 2014 had not taken thermal management of these fixtures into account.

Push The Button replaced all of the overheating fixtures with reliable, linear LED products manufactured by Tokistar. These were controlled using the ETC ArcSystem range of drivers, offering seamless dimming to absolute zero. We also installed new ETC One Cell Pro downlights over the main seating areas, also driven by ETC ArcSystem drivers.

In order to reach the coves in the ceiling, bespoke scaffolding had to be erected across the entirety of the auditorium. This project was delivered to a challenging timeframe, as the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall required all of the work that was originally carried out during a prolonged closure period to be done again in a 16 day time period.

Thanks to the considerable planning and hard work of the installation team the project was delivered on time and the auditorium lighting restored to its former glory.