London Coliseum – Working Light Upgrades

London Coliseum Working Light

In September 2022, Push The Button carried out an upgrade to the lighting control system in the London Coliseum, the largest theatre in the West End.

Push The Button have completed a number of previous projects at the venue and were asked to return to upgrade the venue’s legacy ETC Unison control system. This system controlled all the auditorium and working lights within the Coliseum but had reached an age where it was obsolete and was no longer maintainable by the manufacturer.

Push The Button upgraded this to the latest ETC Paradigm control, ensuring that it would be serviceable and maintainable for many years to come. This allowed the Coliseum to keep all its control points and buttons in their existing locations, but with a more stable and modern infrastructure providing extra security to future performances.

Push The Button also installed a new touchscreen control for the lighting department, as well as a secondary screen in the control room, offering some new functionality to the venue.

These upgrades were carried out across a five-day closure period in September 2022, during the Coliseum’s annual maintenance period. They were delivered on time and on budget, ensuring the client was satisfied with another high-quality project.