Lowry – Lyric Theatre House Lighting and Production Dimming

Auditorium of The Lowry Theatre, Salford

Push The Button’s work at Salford’s The Lowry started in 2015 following the tendering and award of a Theatre Projects led upgrade at the creative district containing the Lyric, Quays and Studio theatres.

The Lyric theatre is the largest space in the Lowry complex, with capacity to seat 1,730. It is the venue perhaps well known in recent years for hosting Britain’s Got Talent but is a much-loved cultural centre for a wide range of shows.

The project in 2015 had to be reduced for budgetary reasons and 2020 saw Push the Button return to the Lyric theatre to complete the LED house lighting system and replace all of the legacy dimmers with more modern equivalents.

212 new downlights were installed across the levels and 9 Strand EC90 dimmers were replaced with ETC Sensor dimmers with ETC ThruPower Modules.

The installation allows the venue to utilise the latest LED technology in its performance rig as well as reap all the benefits from the energy saving costs of changing the house lights to LED.