Norwich Theatre Playhouse – Production Lighting Upgrades

Norwich Playhouse

Push The Button completed some essential production lighting upgrades to the 300-capacity Norwich Playhouse in March 2021.

The venue is owned by Norwich Theatre, which is the largest arts organisation in the East of England. Norwich Theatre also manages the Norwich Theatre Royal and Stage Two venues.

Push The Button were brought in to upgrade the venue’s production lighting, as well as the infrastructure inside the venue. They replaced a series of outdated Strand LD90 dimmers with new ETC ColorSource dimmers, which were capable of dimming both tungsten and LED fixtures.

Push The Button then installed a new mains distribution board with new containment in the dimmer room. This was complimented by new local working lights in the dimmer room and new cable feeds for the dimmer racks, ensuring that the Playhouse’s infrastructure was safer, neater and up to date with modern standards.

Push The Button also completed some custom engineering at the back of the auditorium, where they installed a run of trunking with sockets in it to add more facilities to the production lighting system.

The installation was carried out in a short window in the venues busy schedule with the venue team delighted with the end results.