P&O Entertainment Refit 2019

Dry Dock, Brest 2019

Following on from the Dry Dock works in 2018, Push The Button tendered works to be carried out on the Aurora whilst she was in Dry Dock in Brest during March 2019. Again Push The Button worked with Carnival UK’s entertainment department.

The major elements of the refit saw AV upgrades to the Playhouse including new Laser Projectors and HDMI infrastructure. The Curzon Theatre also had major upgrade works including the replacement of projectors and new LED lighting equipment and associated technical infrastrucutre upgrades. In addition to this the team also worked to deliver LES upgrades to the Crows Nest and service all of the lighting and sound control equipment. Playhouse. New Laser Projection equipment to the Curzon Theatre.

Whilst she was in Dry Dock, P&O also took the opportunity to cary out upgrades to the Crew Areas which saw the Push The Button team install LES systems in the Hub and the Ward Room.