Prince of Wales Theatre – Auditorium & Foyer Lighting and Control

Auditorium of The Prince of Wales Theatre

Push The Button completed an extensive renovation of the lighting systems at London’s Prince of Wales Theatre in August 2021.

The venue’s history dates back to 1884, when it was constructed on Coventry Street near Leicester Square. It was refurbished in 2004 when it was purchased by its current owner, but since that time some of the venue’s house lighting had fallen into disrepair and the building wide lighting control system was failing and in need of replacement.

Push The Button were brought in to restore the auditorium lighting to it’s former glory, while ensuring the replacements matched the original design and aesthetic of the venue.

They installed a series of custom AR111 fixtures at the Circle Level, which were sourced from Mike Stone Lighting in Edinburgh. The bulk of the downlights and wash lights under the stalls were by Lucent Lighting. Fibreoptic uplights from UFO Lighting put the finishing touches to the installation. Lighting control for all fixtures was by ETC ArcSystem Drivers which Push The Button utilised for their exceptional dimming performance.

As well as the fixtures, Push The Button installed ETC Sensor dimmers in each of the venue’s three dimming locations to replace the existing failing products with an ETC Paradigm system installed for lighting control. The installation was completed around a brief window of availability in the busy venues calendar.