Queens College Cambridge – Production and House Lighting Upgrades

Fitzpatrick Hall Production and House Lighting Upgrades

Designed by Sir Philip Powell of Powell and Moya, the Fitzpatrick Hall is a multipurpose auditorium versatile enough to host badminton matches, plays and lectures. Since being opened in 1989 the Hall had seen little alteration to its technical infrastructure and so Push The Button were approached by the College to look at upgrading both the house lighting and performance lighting infrastructure.

In the original installation there were no permanently installed Dimmers or facilities, with the venue using local dimmers and running data loose around the building. Discussing the use of the venue Push The Button designed a solution which used Four ETC ColorSource Dimmers and provided distribution of data and power services to the different locations required in the venue.

Simultaneously to this, Push The Button also designed a retrofit LED Houselighting solution, utilising custom fittings from GDS to offer the flexibility of lighting required for the multiple uses of the venue without compromising the artistic integrity of the original installation. The scheme also included changing all of the Emergency Exit Signs to LED ones and re-lighting all of the Foyer spaces with energy efficient LED Lighting. The scheme was completed ahead of schedule over a closure period.