Queens Theatre Hornchurch – LED House Lighting

LED House Lighting

The Queens Theatre were successfully awarded Arts Council investment to undergo a major update to the building in what is being hailed as the QNEW project. One element of this is to update outdated equipment to be cheaper and safer to run. 

The Queens Theatre had an ageing House Lighting installation which was in need of upgrade. They were also keen to increase the light levels on the stairways for audience members. 

Working closely with Bristol based manufacturer, GDS, Push The Button tendered and successfully won the project which saw an LED House Lighting solution installed across a two week dark period in August.

The scheme saw GDS 1 Cell Pro 80 Degree fittings used over the stalls, with added 1 Cell Pro Fittings utilised over the stairways at either side of the auditorium to boost the light levels in these areas. GDS ArcLamps were installed in the Exit Signs and Emergency Lights to add a level of control to these elements that was not previously offered by the existing system.

In additional to the house lighting GDS also installed LED Blues Lighting in the wings and upgraded the house lighting control to an ETC Paradigm system.