Royal Academy Of Music – Susie Sainsbury Theatre and Angela Burgess Recital Hall

Susie Sainsbury Theatre and Angela Burgess Recital Hall

One of Push The Buttons largest and longest running jobs. The project provided a beautiful theatrical space in place of the old theatre and a new recital room above the aforementioned theatre. Both venues were completed at the same time with work carefully co-ordinated between Ian Ritchie architects and Osborne Construction Management. 

Push The Button installed the production lighting, sound, audio visual and electrical infrastructure, as well as supplying all of the loose lighting equipment. The dimmers used were ETC Sensor, with ThruPower Modules, complete with an ETC Paradigm architectural control system. An LED Houselighting system was supplied and Push The Button also designed and installed a bespoke Stage Management console. The loose equipment included an ETC Gio Lighting Console, ETC Source Four Lustr2’s, Martin Mac Encore LEDs and ChromaQ ColorForce2 Cyc Battens. 

The end result was a beautiful auditorium attached to a versatile stage, now equipped and able to achieve things that just would not have been possible before.