Sense TouchBase – Studio Space

Sense TouchBase Studio Space

Following on from the two previous projects at Sense Touchbase Pears, Push The Button were invited back to complete a further project in the new Studio Space, which the Sense team wanted to transform into a sensory room to enable learning and play.

Six rows of three RGBW colour-changing lights were installed in the ceiling, as well as drapes across the two walls and the middle of the room. Push The Button then searched for an intuitive lighting control system which would allow anyone working in the venue to recall colour presets.

Interactive Technologies offered this with a rack-mounted lighting control processor. It came with a touchscreen that staff could use for selecting presets but was also able to be connected to an iPad running the same server and displaying a colour picker.

This colour picker allows people accessing the venue to choose which colour they wanted to light the room with and play games involving colour. This could then be used both for recreational purposes, and to aid communication with people who are unable to communicate verbally.

Push The Button completed this project over the span of one week, working around the day-to-day operation of the venue. The client was delighted with the intuitive nature of the finished project and to see their brief fulfilled.