Soho Theatre – Production, Working and Auditorium Lighting Upgrades

Soho Theatre Lighting Upgrades

Push The Button were brought into London’s Soho Theatre in order to complete an essential upgrade to the venue’s dimmers, working light and auditorium lighting.

The Soho Theatre is a venue in the Soho district of Westminster, London, which focuses on nurturing up-and-coming talent across theatre, comedy and cabaret. It has three performance spaces and was founded in the year 2000.

Push The Button replaced four ageing LD90 dimmers which were in a state of disrepair, installing ETC ColourSource dimmers in their place. The old dimmers had been in place for several years and were beginning to become unreliable.

In order to complete the essential upgrade while fitting around the venue’s schedule, Push The Button worked night shifts. This meant becoming temporary custodians of the building, taking care of it from 11pm, when the last shows ended, until staff returned at 7am the next morning.

In addition to this, Push The Button supplied temporary dimming to the venue, allowing it to continue staging shows while the upgrades were taking place. The same approach was then implored with the replacement of the working light and upgrade to the failing LED auditorium lighting. These works took place in a separate week of night work and left the venue with ETC ArcSystem downlighters, bright white working light and ETC Paradigm working light control.

Seb Cannings at the Soho Theatre said: “We were delighted with the new dimmers which Push the Button installed – they’re a big upgrade from our old LD90s. We also really appreciated the flexibility which Push The Button offered, both in working night shifts to fit our schedule and in supplying temporary dimming to avoid any disruption to our shows.”