Trafalgar Studios – Assisted Listening Upgrades

Assisted Listening Upgrades – Studios One and Two

Improving the assisted listening system to offer their Patrons the best possible experience was a priority for Trafalgar Entertainment and Push The Button were approached to design a solution for both Studio’s One and Two.

Push The Button worked with leading assisted listening system manufacturer Sennheiser to design a solution. A demonstration session was then carried out where Trafalgar Entertainment invited Patrons and leading industry experts Stagetext to evaluate the system and offer feedback before proceeding with the installation.

The final installed solution saw the existing Sennhesier ‘MobileConnect’ system and microphone locations optimised and a secondary Sennheiser ‘Tourguide’ system installed, with a processor managing the two systems. This solution offers Patrons the flexibility to choose stethosets, neck loops or to use their own mobile device dependant on their individual preference. This flexible and inclusive approach has been welcomed by Patrons.