Westfield – Atrium Lighting

Westfield Atrium Lighting

In June 2022, Push The Button completed a series of upgrades to the dimmers at Westfield White City, a shopping centre in West London.

PTB tendered for, and won, the opportunity to update the Philips Dynalite dimmers which controlled the lighting in the venue’s atrium space. This project followed on from a previous one in November 2019, in which Push the Button upgraded the floor boxes in the main Atrium space.

The client wanted to install a DMX-controlled backbone, which could be interfaced and driven by the building-wide Philips Dynalite system. This existing system was located at six different points throughout the venue.

Push The Button’s solution was to design a bespoke enclosure for each of these six locations, using DMX-controlled relays manufactured by Eaton to trigger the lights on and off. PTB delivered the upgrade alongside Westfield White City’s incumbent Dynalite programmer, with the end result providing a greater control of the space and giving the venue the security of knowing that their atrium lighting would maintain control from the Philips Dynalite system.

This project provides Westfield White City with the groundwork to look at implementing LED lighting into the space, something they are keen to do in the future.