Westfield London – Bespoke Engineering

Westfield London Event Space

Push The Button were tasked with restoring a series of floor boxes inside the atrium of Westfield White City in November 2019.

The boxes deliver technical services for the largest space inside the West London shopping mall, which is used for events such as product launches and musical performances. 

They were originally intended to be sturdy enough for cars or lifts to drive over, but a design flaw in the box covers meant almost all of them were cracked or exposed to the air. All the boxes were dirty and many also had water ingress, making them a safety hazard.

Push The Button designed 26 floor boxes to replace those that were faulty. The new boxes featured drainage in the centre to allow water to run through safely, with the services positioned around the outside of the box.

Push The Button’s custom engineering meant that Westfield White City was once again able to safely hold events in its atrium space.